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Water saving services & products

Water Audits & Leak Detection

Worried about your water meter bills?
Let SES Water Management audit your water usage!

Leak Detection

Learn more about Leak detection.

Fire Hydrant Testing

We can offer you Fire Hydrant Testing

Water Metering System

This is a very effective tool to control costs and identify waste.

Rain Water Harvesting

This is a simple technology of collection, filtration and storage of rainwater for recycling.

Concrete Repair

Repair Leaks With
Epoxy Crack Injection


Water saving services & products

Leak Detection Fire Hydrant Testing Water Audits

Water Audits

SES professional Water Audit Plan is designed to help its customers experience dramatic reductions in their water bills.

Energy Audits

SES specialized Smart Energy Audit Plan helps to make its customers aware of the areas where most savings can be made.

Leak Detection

Our highly experienced team have all the knowledge and equipment required to effectively detect leaks and conduct the necessary repairs.

Water Metering System

SES now offers a unique Water Metering System that can be adapted to suit any meter type or water network.

Rainwater Harvesting

This is a simple technology of collection, filtration and storage of recycled rainwater for Domestic, Industrial and Agricultural Applications.

Fire Hydrant Testing

SES can provide customers with fire hydrant testing.


SES is a water and energy conservation company. We provide essential water and energy conservation products.


SES offer their clients a range of services and are always available to discuss what service is most suitable for each individual situation.


SES is a Water Conservation and Energy Management Company, we help clients from a wide range of sectors, to reduce water and energy costs.


SES we are proud of the work we do, so we have provided a selection of case studies from previous clients we have worked with for you to browse.

Are You Ready to cut down on your water and energy consumption?

Save money, save energy, protect the planet..

"Thomond Park Stadium has experienced over 50% savings in its water consumption through the use of Smart Energy Systems dry urinals and other water saving initiatives at the Stadium. The dry urinals were a good fit with the water conservation programme and have proved very successful. The ease of maintenance and the water savings in the cleaning of the urinals makes this system a very effective water conservation measure.”"

− Colm Moran, Thomond Park Stadium, Operations Manager

"We are very pleased with the savings we are seeing to date on our BMS (Building Management System) as a result of introducing the water saving initiatives brought to us by Smart Energy Systems. We are very keen to ensure that all efforts are made at the Cliffs to save on our valuable resources. The introduction of the waterless urinals last autumn has seen the most significant savings. Once installed we recorded a reduction of nearly 10m3 (10’000 litres) per day, which is very impressive"

− Greg Davidson, Cliffs of Moher Financial Controller

"Having had problems with unaccounted for water loss for a number of months, we called on the services of SES Ltd. Following an initial meeting the guys from SES set about surveying the pipe network.Within a few hours they had surveyed the pipe and identified and verified the suspect area.We carried out the dig in house, and I am happy to say the guys from SES Ltd were spot on. There were 3 leaks in close succession exactly where they marked. I would highly recommend SES Ltd, when it comes to Leak Detection."

− Joe Fitzgerald, Environmental Coordinator, ESB Power Station, Ardnacrusha