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European Investment Bank provides €200m for Irish water infrastructure

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24 January 2013, source edie newsroom

The European Investment Bank (EIB) will provide €200m (£168m) to support 23 water investment projects in Ireland, it was announced today.

Part of Ireland’s Water Services Investment Programme (WSIP), the projects in Dublin and in 10 counties around the country, will provide new water mains, water and wastewater treatment facilities and reservoirs, as well as measures to improve water conservation.

Minister for The Environment, Community and Local Government Phil Hogan welcomed the funding, claiming it was an indication of the EIB’s confidence in Ireland and its recovery programme.

Reform in the Irish water sector is currently underway, which will see the responsibility for water services delivery moving from local authorities to a new public utility.

“This will fundamentally change the approach to funding capital investment in the sector in the years ahead including access to third party financing to address the considerable investment requirements of the sector,” said Hogan.

“These reforms will benefit individual householders, but will also attract industries with high water usage like agri-food, pharma-chem and IT. With global demand for water due to rise by 40% in just 20 years, Ireland will be well positioned to attract foreign and indigenous investment, creating real potential for new jobs within the country.”

The water investment initiative will include the replacement of more than 300km of water mains in Dublin City, South Tipperary, Galway and Limerick.

In addition, the investment will increase drinking water supply through two new reservoirs in Kerry and North Tipperary.

Of the 23 projects, four aim to reduce water loss in the distribution networks, seven relate to improvements in water supply structure and 12 relate to improvements in the wastewater infrastructure.

European Investment Bank vice president Jonathan Taylor said: “Investment in the Irish water infrastructure will significantly enhance water conservation measures, improve drinking water quality and reduce risks of pollution.

“The European Investment Bank recognises the considerable challenges and investment needed in the sector and is pleased to provide the first EIB support for investment in water infrastructure in Ireland for over a decade.”

Following agreement of the €200m loan, a first tranche of €100m will support immediate investment and a second tranche will follow as the investment programme progresses.

During 2012, the European Investment Bank provided €504m for long-term investment in Ireland.

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Smart Energy Systems prepares for water charges with the launch of their new online website

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Smart Energy Systems Launches New Online Water Saving Products Store

ENNIS, CO. CLARE  – January 10th, 2013 – Smart Energy Systems Ltd (SES), the market leader in water conservation is pleased to announce the launch of its newly revamped website for the start of 2013. is a bright, user-friendly site which provides instant access to a vast array of water saving products which can now be purchased on line with same day shipping.

The aim of the site is to ensure that domestic and commerical Irish customers can purchase efficient, effective and inexpensive water saving products which will help them save water and as a result save on their water bill.  Some of the products include, tap aerators, water saving showerheads, toilet displacement bags and waterless urinals. The site also contains a host of water savings tip along with all of the relevant information on current water charges for each county in Ireland.

‘‘Our aim at SES is to help individuals and businesses to reduce their ever-increasing water costs by providing efficient, easy-to-install conservation products, and to assist clients to better manage and control their water consumption through leak detection and water monitoring.’’ said Michael Lyons, co-founder of Ennis based SES. Our vision is a world where water is never wasted.

“With businesses striving to minimise their costs, water conservation has moved up the agenda not only in industry, but also among cost-conscious and environmentally aware schools, hotels, leisure facilities and public venues,  said Alan Treacy co founder of SES Ltd.  ‘‘In addition, many of our conservation products, such as water-saving shower heads, urinal controls, push taps and aerators, can achieve cost savings of over 50%,’’ Treacy said.


SES also stock many essential water metering accessories, such as meter boundry boxes, pipe fitting and a range of meter connections which places the company in a good position to support  upcoming domestic metering projects.


For more information, visit , e-mail , or call 0818 288 050


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The price of water is likely to rise in 2013

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Save water, protect the environment and save money this year by installing water saving devices in your office, hotel or factory.  Smart Energy Systems have a host of water saving devices that can help you achieve your water saving goals for 2013.

The price of water in Ireland is likely to rise in 2013.  For a business, this makes saving water more than a matter of environmental awareness. Depending on the size of your business and the prices in your area, water conservation can mean saving hundreds and even thousands of Euro’s each year.

A good first step to save water in the workplace is to carry out an overall assessmnet of water consumption.  Perform a detailed inspection of faucets, toilets and any other equipment that uses water.

Look for leaks and make repairs or replace as needed.  If you suspect a large leak, the source of the leak must be found and repaired.  Prior to calling your plumber give us a quick call to discuss your problem, we may be able to help pinpoint the location of your leak, which will minimize the floor space that you will have to take up.

Set up regular inspections and maintenace.  If your water facilities are complex contact us and we will carry out a water audit and advise on where savings can be made.

Replacing old or inefficient equipment can save a lot of water.   Installing aerators on faucets can reduce water usage by half.  If your business uses Urinals switch to Waterless Urinals and immediately stop unnecessary flushing.  Install water displacement devices in your toilet.  Reduce your flow rates by over 60% by installing aerated shower heads.

As part of the overall assesment, put procedures in place that can reduce water consumption.  Consider using rainwater as a source or investigate options for recycling used water.

Draft a water-use policy and involve employees by asking them for suggestions.  Invite a representative from Smart Energy Systems to come and speak with employees and offer suggestions for saving water.  Sponsor a community water conservation project.

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EPA Drinking Water Report for 2011

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Posted on 4 December 2012, Environment & Energy Management.

The quality of drinking water in Ireland continued to improve in 2011, according to a new report released by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA’s Drinking Water Report for 2011 is based on results from 250,000 monitoring tests; it shows that public water supplies serving more than 80% of the population have improved year-on-year since the EPA created a Remedial Action List over four years ago. There were 339 public water supplies needing remedial action on the list when it was created four years ago, now there are 183. Remedial works in a further 90 will be complete by year end.

“The work we have been doing with Local Authorities is paying off,” says Gerard O’Leary, Director of EPA’s Office of Environmental Enforcement. “The number of occurrences of E.coli in public supplies is down by almost 90% since 2005 as a result of better monitoring, management, processes, and disinfection.”

The quality of the water from private supplies, however, remains inferior to that from public supplies and is a growing cause for concern. The HSE reported a doubling of the number of VTEC cases this year. VTEC can be transmitted in a number of ways, e.g. person to person, waterborne, or foodborne. The second most common transmission route reported by the HSE this year so far is waterborne transmission. VTEC is a harmful member of the E. coli family, which may lead to kidney failure. (Public water supplies are disinfected – disinfection kills all E. coli including VTEC.)

“We are concerned about the growing number of VTEC cases,” says Valerie Doyle, Senior Inspector, Office of Environmental Enforcement. “Any form of E. coli is an indicator of fecal matter in the water supply, and VTEC is a harmful form of E. coli. It may cause gastroenteritis, but its toxins can lead to far more serious consequences including kidney failure. We would urge the owners of private supplies to check their water sources, and they will get vital information on what to look out for on Local Authority and EPA websites.”

Bad weather increases the challenge to water supplies as high levels of rainfall can lead to more potential contaminants being washed into water supplies. Private supplies are more vulnerable; they are less secure than public water supplies, which now have high levels of monitoring, alarms, and disinfection.

“We would urge the owners of private wells to test them carefully, given the bad weather we’ve had,” adds Valerie Doyle. “Owners should ensure that they are designed, located, installed and maintained properly. Wells should be tested regularly, particularly after a prolonged period of heavy rainfall, since this is when the well may be overwhelmed and become contaminated.”