Visit Us at Stand G37 at Resource Ireland 2010 !!!

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The Irish Water Exhibition is the only exhibition dedicated to water professionals in Ireland, making it a must-attend event for everybody who wants to stay abreast with developments in Ireland’s water industry. This year we have entered the Environment Innovation Award, with our new Retrofit Waterless urinal. Visit us at Stand G 37 and vote for Us! ! ! The winner will be announced at the show.The Irish Water Exhibition is a valuable day out of the office for those involved in the water and waste water industry.

Just one day at the exhibition allows you to:

♦     Network face to face with industry peers and suppliers
♦     Attend FREE CPD accredited seminar and keynote sessions on latest developments in industry and legislation.
♦     See a range of exhibitors offering the latest industry products and services – all under one roof
♦     Vote for the winner of the Environment Innovation Award, who will be announced at the show
♦     FREE entry to Irish Recycling & Waste Exhibition and Irish Sustainable Business Exhibition
♦     FREE entry to the co-located engineering shows Civilex and Road Expo Ireland

Visitor registration is free of charge and if you pre-register online you will receive fast track entry on the day as well as a little incentive.

Ennis wastes over half its water supply

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Monday, 19 July 2010 22:12
Ennis is heading for rehab, as the town’s water network squanders away 58 per cent of the water supply through leaks every day.
Clare County Council, who for the last number of weeks had been warning consumers to conserve water during the drought, is to tackle the biggest cause of water wastage in the county – the public water pipes in the county town. According to council officials, Ennis is the worst area in the county for water loss as 16,700 metres cubed of water is flowing through cracked pipes every day.
The rest of the county is also wasting water through leaks – as much as 40 per cent every day. The age of the pipes as well as the winter freeze are some of the main contributors to the water loss.

Claire Gallagher – The Clare People

Conserve Water in Galway! ! !

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Let us audit your businesses water consumption by logging your water meter using our Data Logging Equipment. Due to the recent dry spell water levels are very low. SES Ltd Water Conservation and Leak Detection Service will help you find that hidden leak, and help you reduce your consumption to absolute minimal levels.

Top 10 ways to save water in the home

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1. Keep a jug of water in the fridge

Instead of letting the tap run when waiting for cold water, fill a jug of water and keep it in the fridge.

2. Use a basin to rinse/clean your fruit and vegetables

Instead of letting the tap run, use a basin to rinse/clean your fruit and vegetables. And you can use the leftover water to give your potted plants a drink.

3. Use a bucket of water not a hose

A hose uses more water in one hour than the average family uses in a day. The car will be just as clean using a bucket of water. Always use a bucket and sponge to clean windows or wash your car instead of a hose.

4. Dont flush it all away.

A third of all the water used in the house is flushed down the toilet. Some larger toilet cisterns can continue to work effectively with a smaller flush. Place a  a hippo bag into the cistern.

5. Be Leak free

Check that your home is leak free. Check for running overflows and fix any dripping taps, cisterns or pipes. If you see a leak in a public place, please report it to your Local Authority. If you discover a leak contact us to discuss.

6. Only run your washing machine and dishwasher when they are full.

A washing machine on full cycle uses up to 65 litres of water; dishwashers 20 litres. Only use your appliances when they’re full. You’ll conserve water and save money by reducing your energy bill.

7. Dont leave the tap running when brushing your teeth

Turning the tap off when brushing your teeth can save over 7,000 litres of water per year.

8. Cut shower times

Reduce the time you spend in the shower. A regular shower will use about 35 litres of water in 5 mins. But beware a power shower will use over 125 litres in the same time. Visit our online shop to purchase a watersaving shower head.

9. Know how to turn off your water supply.

This could save thousands of litres of water and can prevent damage to your home in the event of a pipe burst.

10. Hot drinks

Fill the kettle with enough water for your needs. You will save energy too!

Smart Waterless Urinals now Installed in Thomond Park !

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Our innovative new Smart Waterless Urinals have now been retrofitted in the west stand in Thomond Park.

We are delighted to help Thomond Park in “Greening the Red Army”. As part of the stadiums approach to reducing their Water and Energy Consumption, Smart Waterless Urinals have been incorporated into the West Stand of the Stadium.

This will lead to massive savings on Water Consumption, especially on Match Days.

Smart Energy Systems are proud to help  the Stadium with its Green Initiatives.

How do i know i have a leak?

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  • Next time your premises are not in use, turn off all water fittings, including taps and cisterns. Remember to turn the fittings back on when the test is complete.
  • Take a reading from your water meter. Note the figure and the date and time. If you have more than one meter, take note of all meter readings.
  • If possible leave your water fittings turned off for a few hours, e.g. overnight or over a weekend.
  • After this period take note of the meter reading. There should be no difference in the meter readings at the start and the end of the leak test.

    If there is a significant increase between the start and the end of the test, then you may have a leak in your system. You will need to get specialist advice to identify the source of the leak.

    You are responsible for maintaining all of the pipes and fittings within the boundary of your premises. It is in your interest to fix any leaks as soon as possible, as you will be billed for the water wasted.

    Summer Works Scheme

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    Following on from the announcement that 1480 schools will recieve grant aid under the summer works scheme 2010 SES Ltd are happy to announce that our water conservation products are suitable and meet all the necessary WRAS criteria. SES ltd can supply and deliver these products anywhere in the country. We also supply these items to the trade at very competive rates. For trade enquiries email us today at