The Harbour Hotel, Galway

Having carried out a number of water conservation steps for a sister hotel, we were asked by The Harbour Hotel in Galway to put a water conservation plan in place for the hotel.

Following a survey of the hotel and an analysis of their current usage we were able to put a proposal together which clearly showed them the steps involved, the investment and most importantly the short payback periods.

Harbour Hotel

Following a discussion with the hotel the project was approved and the work commenced.

We introduced water saving shower-heads into all the hotel bedrooms, resulting in a drop in water usage of over 12 litres/minute per room. We also installed water saving aerators to all the taps in the hotel cutting the water usage from over 15 lit/min down to 3.5 lit/min. The other areas we looked at were the urinals; we installed urinal management systems on the troughs within the main bathrooms. We also reduced the consumption within the kitchen area by introducing spray guns and kitchen aerators.

“The fact that we were able to install their products ourselves so quickly and easily made it an easy decision straight off. We have seen a 60% reduction in our water consumption based on our old consumption rates. We were delighted with the products supplied by SES and would recommended them to other hotels as a result.” Said Geoff Kinsella General Manger, The Harbour Hotel, Galway.

"We are very pleased with the savings we are seeing to date on our BMS (Building Management System) as a result of introducing the water saving initiatives brought to us by SES."

− Greg Davidson, Financial Controller, The Cliffs of Moher

"I'm very happy with the Smart Waterless Urinal system and the saving are great, especially in these hard times. I will definitely be rolling the systems out in our other pubs"

− Mr. Chawke, Searsons & the Old Orchard Inn

"We are very pleased with the services provided by SES and would highly recommend them."

− Abeania Higgins, Contracts Manager, HSG Zander Ireland Limited


Galway County Council

As a result of one of the coldest winters ever recorded, water shortages were experienced throughout the country. To help with locating and pin pointing the major underground leaks caused by this cold snap SES were called on by Galway County Council. As part of our work for the Council we setup loggers on the meters to measure the profile of the usage in each DMA.

Taking the data from these along with profiles from the key MAG Meters we were able to quickly establish the areas with high water loss or unaccounted for water UFW. Working on these areas we carried out step tests using correlators to establish the position of leaks on the mains, we then used ground microphones to pinpoint the leaks. We also surveyed other areas that are prone to leaks during a bad frost, including house connections, stop cocks and meter chambers.

Taking a look at the town of Gort, when we commenced works there the plant was at maximum capacity with an output of 106 m3 per hour. Over an 8 day period as a result of leak detection and repairs this had reduced to 56 mWe pinpointed a total of 5 leaks on the water main around the town along with numerous smaller leaks on house connections, stop cocks, business connections, etc… As a result of this we are still carrying out work for the council on a regular basis and are also supplying them with water auditing equipment, such as loggers and reed switches.

“We are very pleased with the services provided by SES over the past number of months, they are one of our preferred contractors to call on for emergency works in the future”  –  Derek Pender, Galway County Council.

Essilor (Organic Lens Manufacturing) Ennis, Co. Clare

Over the past 12 months SES have carried out a number of cost saving projects within Essilor Ltd (Organic Lens Manufacturing) on the Gort Rd, Ennis, Co. Clare. The plant which has over 400 people working in it uses a large volume of water in its production processes, but it also had a high consumption outside of that area, this was the area we focused on reducing at the start.

Looking at the toilet areas, we introduced water saving devices to help reduce the consumption these included, Water Saving Push Taps and Aerators, Thermostatic Mixing Valves and Waterless Urinals. Along with reducing the water usage dramatically, the introduction of the mixing valves has also resulted in a saving on heating costs (Hot Water). As part of the plants inspections on their water ring main, we installed flow and pressure loggers for a period of 10 days to get a profile of the water pressure this also helped to rule out the risk of a leak on the site.

The next project SES looked at with the client was an internal Water Mapping of all the water piping within the plant. This was completed on site and involved carrying out takeoffs of all the water piping from its source straight through to all the holding tanks and/or to its end use in the processes. Following this a drawing of the layout was produced along with a report with suggestions on where to make alterations like introducing a meter, a valve, etc…

The latest project SES is looking at with the client is the feasibility of introducing a Rain Water Harvesting System for the plant to help reduce their consumption even more.



Thomond Park Stadium, Limerick

One of the latest cost saving projects being employed in Limerick’s Thomond Park Stadium, is a plumbing innovation that might prove to become one of their most influential.

As part of Thomond Parks drive towards reducing their overall usage of water and energy they have introduced a Waterless Urinal System throughout the stadium.

The project completed last year in two phases involved the retrofitting of all the existing urinal bowls and troughs with our waterless system. A total of 116 urinal units have been retrofitted with the new waterless technology. The key difference between this and a conventional urinal is the patented waterless sleeve below the drain – in an easily replaceable form – that fully seals the outlet to anything but liquid. This sleeve (Waterless Valve) replaces the traditional trap found in all water urinals.

“Thomond Park Stadium has experienced over 50% savings in its water consumption through the use of dry urinals and other water saving initiatives at the Stadium. The dry urinals were a good fit with the water conservation programme and have proved very successful. The ease of maintenance and the water savings in the cleaning of the urinals makes this system a very effective water conservation measure.” – Colm Moran

“With clients such as Thomond Park now employing the waterless technology so effectively and with such an impact environmentally, we believe it is only a matter of time before this specification becomes preferred policy. Energy and water saving is now critical to any company in Ireland particularly with the ongoing issues with water shortage. We already have a number of other sites using the waterless urinals that are experiencing substantial savings and cleaner, fresher washrooms.”  – Michael Lyons.