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Prevention, Leak Detection and Repair of burst and frozen water pipes

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Due to the prolonged cold spell with sub zero temperatures frozen and burst water pipes are becoming a problem. SES LTD have provided householders and commercial premises with a number of tips on how to decrease the risk of pipes becoming frozen and resulting in leaks.

The first course of action is prevention. A property owner can decrease the risk of frozen pipes by undertaking a variety of measures including:

  1. Increasing the temperature in the attic by opening the attic trap door to allow heat from the house to circulate in the attic space or by leaving the attic light on.
  2. Increasing the room temperature in the house or business premises by placing your heating on a timer to allow it to come on intermittently for short periods. This is particularly important during the night.
  3. Insulating the external stopcock which is located outside your property by placing foam or carpet over it, or by placing rags or cloths in the stop cock chamber. Remember any measures carried out must be completed in a manner which is safe and does not create a hazard for you or the general public.
  4. If you own a house or a business premises that is currently closed or unoccupied, visit the property and check the heating system is set to heat the property.
  5. Farmers should check outlying farm buildings and other remote properties for leaks and regularly check service pipes to water troughs.
  6. Before the end of the cold spell all property owners should familiarise themselves with the location of their external stopcock outside their property and know how to turn off their water supply. A domestic internal stopcock is generally found underneath the kitchen sink. This can be important if a pipe bursts. Turning off the water promptly as soon as a burst pipe is detected will limit potential damage, particularly from the attic.

How do I know i have a leak?

  1. The first step is to locate the water meter(generally found near the boundary of the premises).
  2. When your premises are not in use, turn off all water fittings, including taps and cisterns. Remember to turn the fittings back on when the test is complete.
  3. Take a reading from your water meter. Note the figure and the date and time. If you have more than one meter, take note of all meter readings.
  4. If possible leave your water fittings turned off for a few hours, e.g. overnight or over a few days or at the weekend.
  5. After this period take note of the meter reading. There should be no difference in the meter readings at the start and the end of the leak test.

If there is a significant increase between the start and the end of the test, then you may have a leak in your system. You will need to get specialist help to find the source of the leak using specialist leak detection methods.



You are responsible for maintaining all of the pipes and fittings within the boundary of your premises. It is in your interest to fix any leaks as soon as possible, as you will be billed for the water wasted.

If you are concerned regarding a domestic or commercial water leak contact SES LTD for a free consultation on 0818 288 050.

9.75 Million Euro grant allocated to schools for Water Conservation Measures

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More than 1,800 schools are to receive grants, averaging €5,348 per school, to carry out works to reduce water usage and consequently water charges.

Up to 2,000 of the country’s 4,000 primary and post primary schools applied for water conservation grants in the last academic year.

It was understood that these grants, advertised in October 2009, would be made available at the beginning of the summer and the work would be carried out over the holidays.

However, it was not until this academic year (October 21) that Tánaiste and Minister for Education & Skills Mary Coughlan announced that 1,823 schools had been approved for a slice of the €9.75m fund allocated for the grants.

Averaging €5,348 per school, the money will cover the costs of installing percussion spray taps, thermostatic mixing valves and water displacement devices.

“These works will reduce the water charges being paid by schools and I am delighted to be able to provide boards of management and trustees with a means to do so,” Minister Coughlan said.

According to the letter to schools from the department, an average 250-pupil school with water conservation measures in place paying €2.16 per cubic meter could save almost two-thirds of the €3,335 bill faced by a school without such measures and where water is not used efficiently by staff and students.

“I would ask schools to ensure that they get best value for money on prices for jobs in the more competitive construction market,” the Minister added.

However, the INTO pointed out that the varying water rates between different councils mean that some schools are facing much higher charges than others in neighbouring counties.

An INTO survey revealed that, for example, primary schools in Co Mayo pay just €0.91 per cubic metre for water supply, compared to €2.39 charged by Roscommon Co Council.

The standing charges in different local authority areas also vary widely, from €100 a year in Thurles Town Council to €212 in Dun-Laoghaire Rathdown Co Council. (Source: Irish Examiner)

Smart Energy Systems Ltd are offering all the products available under the government water conservation measures grant at very competitive prices.

These include:

1) Water displacement devices such hippo bags. click here for link.

2) Variable flushing devices. click here for link.

3) Thermostatic mixing valves. Click here for link.

4) Water saving push taps. Click here for link.

5) Urinal Controls. Click here for link.

All our products are WRAS approved and are suitable for installation in all schools. We provide a free consultation service and look forward to hearing from anyone with questions about reducing their water consumption.

We’ve selected the best ideas for saving water for the new Irish Government water conservation scheme, a programme being launched now. So dont miss out. Pick up the phone for more information and to receive a free quotation tailored to your needs.

Smart Energy Systems Ltd also provides a specialist leak detection service along with providing other innovative water conservation products such as waterless urinals.

Visit Us at Stand G37 at Resource Ireland 2010 !!!

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The Irish Water Exhibition is the only exhibition dedicated to water professionals in Ireland, making it a must-attend event for everybody who wants to stay abreast with developments in Ireland’s water industry. This year we have entered the Environment Innovation Award, with our new Retrofit Waterless urinal. Visit us at Stand G 37 and vote for Us! ! ! The winner will be announced at the show.The Irish Water Exhibition is a valuable day out of the office for those involved in the water and waste water industry.

Just one day at the exhibition allows you to:

♦     Network face to face with industry peers and suppliers
♦     Attend FREE CPD accredited seminar and keynote sessions on latest developments in industry and legislation.
♦     See a range of exhibitors offering the latest industry products and services – all under one roof
♦     Vote for the winner of the Environment Innovation Award, who will be announced at the show
♦     FREE entry to Irish Recycling & Waste Exhibition and Irish Sustainable Business Exhibition
♦     FREE entry to the co-located engineering shows Civilex and Road Expo Ireland

Visitor registration is free of charge and if you pre-register online you will receive fast track entry on the day as well as a little incentive.

Ennis wastes over half its water supply

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Monday, 19 July 2010 22:12
Ennis is heading for rehab, as the town’s water network squanders away 58 per cent of the water supply through leaks every day.
Clare County Council, who for the last number of weeks had been warning consumers to conserve water during the drought, is to tackle the biggest cause of water wastage in the county – the public water pipes in the county town. According to council officials, Ennis is the worst area in the county for water loss as 16,700 metres cubed of water is flowing through cracked pipes every day.
The rest of the county is also wasting water through leaks – as much as 40 per cent every day. The age of the pipes as well as the winter freeze are some of the main contributors to the water loss.

Claire Gallagher – The Clare People

Smart Waterless Urinals now Installed in Thomond Park !

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Our innovative new Smart Waterless Urinals have now been retrofitted in the west stand in Thomond Park.

We are delighted to help Thomond Park in “Greening the Red Army”. As part of the stadiums approach to reducing their Water and Energy Consumption, Smart Waterless Urinals have been incorporated into the West Stand of the Stadium.

This will lead to massive savings on Water Consumption, especially on Match Days.

Smart Energy Systems are proud to help  the Stadium with its Green Initiatives.

Summer Works Scheme

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Following on from the announcement that 1480 schools will recieve grant aid under the summer works scheme 2010 SES Ltd are happy to announce that our water conservation products are suitable and meet all the necessary WRAS criteria. SES ltd can supply and deliver these products anywhere in the country. We also supply these items to the trade at very competive rates. For trade enquiries email us today at