Chlorination of New & Old Water Mains

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This year we have developed a new service to offer which involves safeguarding water supplies by removing most bacteria and viruses which can be found in newly constructed water mains. With considerable research and investment we are able to provide chlorination services with extremely high accuracy while insuring every measure is taken to safeguard the health of people and the environment.

Since we began offering the service we have gained experience in a large number of projects varying in complexity and scale. This includes completion of works for consulting engineers, construction companies and county council across the country.

Chlorination Equipment

Before initiation of works onsite for a project all the necessary calculation are completed and documentation is reviewed. A lot of factors have to be taken into consideration to ensure that a line is safely chlorinated and because of this our engineers and technicians are highly trained and this includes identification of risks and hazards.

On completion of works we provide how the chlorination process has performed in the form of a detailed report. This report includes the results of the biological tests carried out by an independent and Irish Water authorised laboratory. Also included in the report are the primary steps taken for that specific project.


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