Commercial Leaks

Our commercial clients come in different shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: they are charged for every cubic meter (1,000 litres) of water used on their premises.

Despite these costs, many businesses do not become aware of water waste until they ask us to perform a sweep of their factory/shop floors, processing plants and facilities – occasionally we have encountered sites where water meters are not monitored or even functioning.

The Cost of a Leak

Screening your premises for leaks is important for a number of reasons: as we have mentioned, there is the in/out cost of water which your business is paying. In the past, we have worked with businesses which, in the space of two months, have lost upwards of €15,000 in undiscovered leaks and inefficiencies. Once a leak has been found, fixing the leak (and any damage that it may have caused) is the next step, which increases the cost further. By giving us a call, you are making savings proactively for your company which can be put towards other capital projects.

 Environmental Impact

The ethos of a sustainable business hinges upon the elimination of waste where possible. Current studies on consumer attitudes towards needless waste suggest that businesses lowering their environmental impact attract more customers. This is especially true in the retail and tourism sectors. Our research and experience tells us that water is one of the most easily saved resources that businesses use on a regular basis: 20% of water use on a premises can be waste. With a small investment in environmental practices (which pays for itself when the cost of a leak is accounted for), a business can become a leader in its sector, generate customer loyalty and receive awards and exposure.

Our Method

When we arrive at your premises, we have a list of standard checks which we will immediately undertake. First of all, we will check your water meter(s) for consumption and assess their condition. Very often, meters can be functioning incorrectly, submerged in water or in need of replacement.

Our internal checks are extensive and can lead us all over the property, photographing points of interest as we go. From rooftop holding tanks to forgotten boiler rooms, we follow the course of the water network and narrow down possible leak locations. An added benefit of our thorough inspections is flagging small issues which may have an accumulative effect on your bill – we note faulty levers, malfunctioning ball-cocks and dripping taps in our reports.

When the time comes for us to find the source of waste on your property, our technicians are fully equipped to deal with all eventualities. Our methods are non-invasive and adaptable, with our tool set including:

  • Ground Microphone
  • Electronic Listening Stick
  • Leak Noise Correlator
  • Radio Telemetry Step-Tester
  • Pipe Tracing
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Pulse Wave Generator
  • Digital Signal Induction
  • Flow and Pressure Loggers
  • Research computers

As we are passing through we will also generally evaluate staff practices onsite. For example, we may pass through kitchen or cafeteria areas and note the general condition of implements and how they are used. These observations form part of a wider water awareness programme for staff which is part of our maintenance package for businesses.

Our Report

Once we have identified the leak causing the main source of waste on your premises, we alert maintenance staff and begin compiling our report. This report details the process of the survey and includes:

  • All leaks identified onsite
  • Photographic evidence of key points in the investigation
  • Consumption data and savings calculations
  • Recommended works (products and repairs)

This report will be completed and returned as soon as possible (usually within one working week). From this point, we consult with our clients on the findings of the report and establish the next phase of water saving measures and repairs on their premises.