Domestic Leaks

A water leak in your home is always a cause for concern. The damage and charges incurred by a cracked or burst pipe can be extremely costly to homeowners, especially when a leak can remain undiscovered for months. Holiday homes and disused housing are particularly vulnerable to unnoticed water loss and damage, making a call to SES Water Management an important step towards ensuring that your property is not affected.

Our Method

Whether the leak is on your water supply or heating system, we can find it. Though domestic leaks can often be small, we have the tools to weed them out with no messy complications. Usually, the first step is to assess the water system by following the waterline in your home and investigating the connections that meet it. A sweep in the manner brings us towards a solution methodically.

The next phase is the step-testing phase: we isolate at the first floor of your home and any floors above it (unidentified leaks are usually on the ground floor, as leaks above the ground floor will show themselves on ceilings and walls). After this, an acoustic survey will usually pinpoint the leak, as our equipment picks up tiny vibrations made by leaking pipes.

Where acoustic surveying is not possible (due to noise or the size of a leak) we use tracer gas. These tracer gas units inject a detectable gas into your supply which flags fissures quickly and brings you closer to stopping further damage. By analysing where the gas has escaped and the different concentration levels therein, we can pinpoint the location of domestic leaks. The gas is inert, odourless and harmless, making it a safe and non-intrusive way of looking for a leak.

Domestic Leak

Our Report

Once our survey is completed to your satisfaction, we can complete a post-survey report. At the request of our customers, we compile a brief explanation of our process and findings for the purposes of insurance claims or your own personal records.  This report can also be modified in collaboration with the customer to suit their specific needs or the requirements of their insurance company. We retain all reports on our system for your convenience, but all reports are confidential and will only be shared with the customer.

Our Customer Care

Our technicians are highly experienced and conduct domestic leak surveys across Ireland on a daily basis. We promise to offer the best customer care possible, taking time to hear your concerns and work to a schedule which suits you.