Leak Detection Across Ireland

We provide a comprehensive leak detection service to customers throughout Ireland. Our highly experienced team have all the knowledge and equipment to detect leaks and conduct repairs. Whether you are concerned about a leak in your home or wish to conduct a large scale investigation on a business premises, we can help. Call us for a free consultation, information on our method, pricing and availability.

Leak Detection


As water is an indispensable, valuable resource in daily life, we have an established client base across a number of sectors. The costs of an unnoticed leak can be upwards of a hundred thousand euro in water bills – not to mention the costs of repair works on a damaged water network. With businesses constantly looking for ways to reduce needless expenses, a leak detection survey and water audit represents the first towards ensuring zero water waste.


Why Choose Us?

If you suspect a leak on your premises, the best thing you can do is give us a call. We have the capability to detect a leak in a variety of different situations and challenging conditions.

Leak Detection in Plastic Piping

We use the most up-to-date equipment in our surveys, which allows us to succeed where older equipment fails. Finding a leak in materials such as PVC is notoriously difficult without the correct tools – SES Water Management uses industry-leading technology from Echologics for superior performance in the field.

 Our cutting-edge correlator systems can find leaks on sections of PVC pipe which are over 500 meters in length, while other systems struggle with 60 meter-long sections. We have more experience than anyone in Ireland with these systems and are also the distributor for the Echologics equipment range in Ireland.

 Pipe Tracing

Many of our customers get their water supply from an old network and have very little information about its condition, its layout or its efficiency. When a leak is suspected along this network, it is essential that these gaps in your knowledge are filled in, and we can help.

Whether it is metallic or plastic, we can tell you the route and length of your network and lead you to where water is being lost. More importantly, our equipment can achieve all this with a minimum level of disruption. For metallic piping, we use a battery operated transonde which connects to the network through external connections or directly at fitting. By vibrating the water, a minute wave of sound is sent back along the pipe and can be picked up by our ground microphones. For a metal pipe, our cable avoidance tools can pick up signals naturally emitted by metallic services.


Pipe Conditional Assessment

Pipe conditional assessment is a process of determining the effective remaining wall thickness of pipes laid in the ground. Metallic pipes lose thickness as a result of internal and external corrosion. Cement-based pipe types lose “effective” wall thickness by the weakening of the wall as a result of the leaching out of the cement by aggressive waters.

Pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipes also lose strength as a result of the corrosion of pre-stressing steel. Plastic pipes may lose material strength as a result of mechanical fatigue and chemical attack. A direct indicator of the general structural condition of pipes is the remaining or residual wall thickness.

If wall thickness loss is monitored over time, the remaining service life of pipes can be estimated. For more information on this service click here.