Brian McCarthy Contractors is an international construction company with offices in the UK, Poland and Ireland.

We recently had some issues with water leaks on one of our larger Housing Estates, where we had to call on the services of SES. The guys came on site and located two major leaks within a few hours. We were very pleased with their works and as a result have introduced them to other clients of ours with similar water loss problems.

Pat O’Neill
Site Foreman
Brian McCarthy Contractors


J. V. Tierney & Company Ltd. Operate as Consulting Engineers for Building Services, Sustainable Design Specialists and Project Managers in the Construction Industry.

I have used the services of SES on behalf of a couple of clients to date, notably a large Hospital and a School. I found the guys very experienced in the area of water management and leak detection and will be using them for any water management projects we have in the future.

Andrew Mulhall
JV Tierney Consultants


Leahy & Conway Architects was founded in 1986 and offer professional design services to domestic and commercial projects throughout the west of Ireland.

A client of ours (Secondary School) contacted us recently in relation to a suspected leak within the school grounds, upon a quick survey of the School I identified water leaking through an outside retaining wall of the School. I therefore suspected the leak to be outside. To help confirm this prior to digging I called on SES to verify my suspicions.
As it turns out the leak was actually within the school under the floor as detected by the guys from SES using gas. I am glad I contacted SES on this occasion and will ensure I do so in the future when it comes to water leaks.

Michael Leahy 
Leahy Conway Architects


St Anne’s Community School Having received a large bill from Clare County Council for our Water Consumption earlier this year, we call on SES Ltd to investigate our premises.  Following a survey of the grounds and introducing a sluice valve to divide the Schools supply in half they isolated one water leak and repaired another.  Following on from this we have acquired the services of  SES to introduce water saving products into our school, including; Water Saving Push Taps, Aerators,  Toilet Restrictors and Urinal Controls throughout the school.

This work along with the repaired leaks has reduced our consumption extraordinarily. We would like to thank SES for all there help over the last 12 months.

Caroline Lodge 
School Principal,
St Anne’s Community School,


Hotel Doolan: “As part of our initiative to reduce our utility bills within the Hotel, we called on Smart Energy Systems. As a result of installing there water saving products, including there shower heads, aerators, and urinal controls, we have seen a dramatic drop in our overall water consumption.This in turn has resulted in savings on our water bills and also savings on our heating bills as a result of using less hot water.

I would highly recommend Smart Energy Systems products and services, and I have already passed on there details to colleagues in the hospitality sector”.

Isabel Browne,
Financial manager
Hotel Doolin,
County Clare


Harbour Hotel: “We have introduced  Smart Energy Systems’ Water Conservation showerheads into our hotel bedrooms and have installed their Smart Water Saving Tap Aerators into our bedroom taps. The fact that we were able to install their products ourselves so quickly and easily made it an easy decision straight off.  We have seen a 60% reduction in our showerhead water consumption based on our old consumption rate of 18 litres/minute.

We were delighted with the products supplied by Smart Energy Systems and would recommended them to other hotels as a result.”

Geoff Kinsella
General Manager
The Harbour Hotel,
New Dock Road,


“Having had problems with unaccounted for water loss for a number of months, we called on the services of SES Ltd. Following an initial meeting the guys from SES set about surveying the pipe network.Within a few hours they had surveyed the pipe and identified and verified the suspect area.We carried out the dig in house, and I am happy to say the guys from SES Ltd were spot on. There were 3 leaks in close succession exactly where they marked.

I would highly recommend SES Ltd, when it comes to Leak Detection.”

Joe Fitzgerald
Environmental Coordinator
ESB Power Station


St Senans School: “Following a letter from the Clare County Council advising us of high water usage. We called on SES to help us get to the bottom of the problems. They in turn did exactly that identifying a substantial leak underground in the yard of the School. Along with locating and fixing the leak in less than a day, they also advised us on how to reduce our consumption within the school and they helped in getting the council to install a new meter at the entrance to the school.

We could not recommend SES highly enough and as a result we have had know hesitations in recommending them to other Schools in the locality.”

Sally O’Neill
St Senans School,


The George Boutique Hotel: “As part of our initiative to save water, we have introduced a number of Smart Energy Systems Water Conservation products in all of our Hotel Bedrooms. We have also installed their Smart Waterless Urinal System into all of our existing Urinal Bowls. Along with saving over 100’000 litres of water per urinal, the fact that they were able to retrofit their waterless adaptors into our existing urinals, made it an easy decision straight off.
We were delighted with the products supplied by Smart Energy Systems and have recommended them to other Hotels as a result.”

Altaf Khan,
General Manager
The George Hotel,
Colaiste Mhuire:  “With the reintroduction of Metered Water Charges, we called on Smart Energy Systems to hep us reduce our water charges. In addition to installing Water Saving Push Taps, Aerators and Toilet Restrictors throughout the school, they also carried out a leak detection survey of all the school pipework.
As a result of this they located and repaired 3 water leaks within the school. The combined loss of these leaks was 700 litres an hour. We would highly recommend Smart Energy Systems Services and Products.”
Jean Pound,
School Principal,
Colaiste Mhuire,
Element Six, Shannon: Element Six, Shannon, have had issues with leaks that had gone undetected for a number of years. Despite the attempts of several service providers the leaks were not located. While on site our team surveyed all the water mains and located the leaks, one of the leaks was losing an estimated 67 m3 a day or (46.5 LPM), which is enough water to fill a swimming pool every week.
Below are just some of the companies and clients that have used our products and services: