Pipeline Sterilisation/Chlorination

When a new water supply has been constructed or when a water supply is damaged and then repaired, pipe chlorination is required to make that supply safe.

SES water provides pipe chlorination and disinfection systems which ensure that the water supply is free of harmful pathogens. This also applies to internal plumbing, storage tanks and private distribution systems.

We have worked with Irish Water, Local Authorities, Industrial/Health Sector, Consultant Engineers and Civil and Utility Companies to make sure that their network supplies undergo pipe chlorination.

The chlorination process involves:

  • The pre-flushing and/or swabbing of the pipe
  • Sterilization of the system by introducing a chlorine solution into the system for a period of time
  • De-Chlorination of the system after a period of time (within 24 hours of Sterilization)
  • Final Flushing with potable water, until the chlorine residual measurement drops to that prevailing in the distribution system
  • Samples are also taken and tested for Bacteria by an accredited laboratory to ensure the disinfection has been successful
  • Lab Results take twenty four hours and if clear the green light is given for the mains to be Commissioned.

Our rates are extremely competitive and all work is conducted by our experienced, professional team. Water chlorination is particularly important in businesses.