Water Audits

SES offer two variations of complete water audits. Water audits can be completed for smaller water networks such as factories, commercial premises and office buildings. A water audit can also be completed on larger water networks such as housing estate, business parks and group water schemes.

A professional water audit plan is designed to help our customers make dramatic reductions in their water bills and provide information on the level of com-pliance with national standards, local authority requirements and fire safety regulations. A comprehensive water audit from SES Water Management can present businesses, group water schemes or local authorities with compelling information and savings projections.

The following actions will be carried out in a water audit:

  • Review all existing drawings, network layout and information on the site.
  • Install data logging equipment on the main distribution input meter,(where available, the results of which will be used to assess and calculate the level of leakage / unaccounted for water (UFW).
  • Survey all network fittings including sluice valves, fire hydrants, air valves etc.
  • Complete a leak detection survey of entire water networks.
  • Perform a fire hydrant flow and pressure test in accordance with BS 9990.
  • Mark, record and report all defects, including anomalies if any in the network drawings.
  • Provide new network configuration sketch.